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This autumn Hohmann made investments, in total 1,5 Million €.

12 new high quality twisting machines and 6 new looms and Jacquard machines each are now working in our plant.

Those new machines from Ratti, Dornier and Stäubli show the creed of Hohmann, high quality goods only come from high quality equipment.

One of the looms is rapier machine nr. 55.000 of Dornier and we celebrated this anniversary together with Dornier representatives.

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Hohmann Quality since 1907

With over 100 years of experience, more than 100 staff members and 330 Dornier-looms Hohmann produces over 20 million square meters of fabrics per day. Quality and flexibility always being of the upmost importance.

„Just like children seem to learn to speak by themselves only needing the right surroundings, so has our expertise evolved over the course of time. New processes begin as if by themselves just because the time has come for them to do so.“

Martin Buchta, managing director


Our company is a family business founded in 1907, however, the largest steps of development have taken place during the last 20 years. More ...


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